I laid my brushes down at the end of last week with a sense of satisfaction and triumph. They Are Finished!

Back in July I bumped into a friend of mine who asked how the paintings were coming along for my next show coming up in October. “Not great” I replied, as I was already beginning to realise that my current studio was not going to house the size of the work I wanted to make. I was delighted when she offered that I go and lookout her recently converted attic space and a few weeks later I was installed in the best studio I have ever had. Thank you friend!

So, with just two weeks to spare I have managed to finish the new paintings ranging from 50cm – 2m in size! It has been hard work but great fun.

And yet, it is now that the work begins… Why? My gallerist is so excited about the new work that she is keen for me to produce another series of limited edition prints, plus the much anticipated 2017 Calendar.

Those remaining two weeks are not so ‘spare’ after all! However, I am happy to say that I have ticked one thing off the list already; the 2017 Calendar is now being printed. If you would like to pre-order your calendars, do so by clicking on the cover image below. I will send them at the beginning of November.

FREE SHIPPING if you order four or more (they make nice christmas presents!) PLUS for a limited period only, use the code 2017EARLY for your 10% early bird discount.

After the exhibition opens in Azille, France on the 29th October I will be publishing the new work on line so watch this space.

Calendar Cover


*Catchy title, eh?