The £135 Rule

Since Brexit, it’s been quite hard to keep abreast of changes in the taxation laws when shipping to the UK.

However, I now understand* that if I send packages that are less than £135 in total value to the UK I will have to register for VAT in the UK and start declaring taxes there, in addition to Germany. I do not sell enough to the UK annually to make it worth the extra paperwork so I am only able to ship to UK customers who spend over £135, roughly 162€ at the time of writing.

That’s three very big cushions, or five regular sized ones in “Libby Page Living” language!

Read more on the UK Gov. website here.

*Thanks to BDO for the image and simplified summary. You’ve saved my brain from total meltdown.

I am considering moving my boutique to an online market place (OMP) such as Etsy, who would then be responsible for collecting VAT on smaller items.

I’ll keep you posted! (Sorry for the pun.) Meanwhile, do contact me with any questions, requests… or advice!