Some comments gathered from happy customers, thank you!

I had never actually fallen in love with a piece of art.  Men yes, shoes definitely, but paint on a canvas? Never! That was until I saw Libby’s paintings. I loved each and every one I looked at, and at her first exhibition I really wanted to buy one but couldn’t get my head around spending money on something you couldn’t wear. Then I decided I would and each time I went to buy a piece, it had been sold. Incredible. They were, literally, selling like hot cakes. So the following year I was determined that I would buy a piece and knowing how popular she had become, I got in very quickly and bagsied myself the Pigasse 2014.

Everyone who comes into my house also falls in love with her art and I have a queue of people already offering to buy it from me. I will never sell it. Its vibrant colours, the perspective, the depth, the passion Libby puts into it, the story behind it all create an amazing work of art.

I am so obsessed I am now the proud owner of 5 Limited Edition Prints too. They are classy and beautiful and reflective of where I live but would look good anywhere.  My daughter thinks I am a bit obsessed with Libby’s paintings but then she also thinks I am shoe obsessed….
I say what’s wrong with that?

Honor - Ferrals les Corbieres, Southern France

I’m proud to have a painting at the beautiful
Maison de la Roche

Thanks Honor!

Libby Page

Oh Libby – I couldn’t believe it yesterday.  It was around 2pm and I was down at the river, weeding and pruning and avoiding Poison Ivy.  A man called down from my deck – package to sign for!  It could only be Pigasse #2, but how could it arrive so fast??

I hopped up the seawall, took the flights of stairs 2 steps at a time, offered him a drink (he declined), signed off, and brought the package inside to the dining table.  By the time I got to the note on the white box (I loved it!), I realized I didn’t want to open it by myself, and went and got my neighbor’s houseful of visitors to come over for the unveiling.
Everyone was as taken as I was when Pigasse 2015 #2 revealed herself!  Like an adopted family member, they all said, she belongs here!  From spot to spot, we walked around the house finding the right location, and wouldn’t you know, where I envisioned her is exactly where she belongs.  She now resides in the most used part of my home.  She’ll be appreciated every day.
Heather - New Jersey, USA

In situ and it looks soooooo beautiful. Thank so so much I love it, it’s stunning xxxxx
Anon - South of France

It’s been a very, very long time since we have been enjoying having all three of our Libby prints hanging on our walls. We have been absolutely thrilled and delighted every time we walk into our family room to see these beautiful prints which not only look beautiful on what was a very bare space, but which always remind us of the fabulous trip that we had with along the Canals du Midi.
Joyce and Michael - Massachusetts, USA

Mark absolutely loves Doucer as do I. We have had lots of lovely comments from friends about your gorgeous painting… thank you so much for sharing your precious artwork with us, we really do love it.
Mark & Annette - Victoria, Australia