**Show Cancellation**

Do you ever change your mind? A complete 180° swivel of opinion?

This has just happened to me about one small detail of my working practice; motivation.

Some folks freeze up under the pressure of a deadline but I fall into the other camp. I need deadlines.

I used to focus on them until they slipped into my subconscious. Nights spent dreaming of being at a gallery desperately trying to finishing paintings as people start to arrive for the opening night were just the ticket for waking up bright and early, rushing into the studio, deeply relieved that I have a few more days.

In an earlier post that I’d found these cool little timers you can set and they tick backwards from now until your chosen deadline.

“Just the ticket!” I thought to myself.

Not so. I can’t actually look at that page any more, it is t e r r i f y i n g.

Watching those seconds counting down so fast stops me dead in my tracks. It was one step too far.

Since posting those little tickers I have not lifted a paint brush* so I breathed a secret sigh of relief when I heard the recent news that the first of my three shows this year has been cancelled. It was to be at the Silk Gallery, Domaine Saint Hilaire, but the beautiful venue has been sold and plans for the gallery are on hold at the moment.

I wish all the very best to Nick and Lisa Kent and their 5 children who are proud new owners.

So now, my new motto for 2016 is ‘No Pressure’. I will continue to make the planned work, weaving it into my shows later in the year at Coin d’Arts, Olonzac (12 August) and Inspire, Azille (29 October).

Plus, it seems a few folks would like their very own ‘bespoke’ Libby Page painting, so I have lots to keep me busy!

I am really excited about the new paintings, just waiting to be born… but no hints, you will have to wait and see!

*Ok, Christmas posting out of limited edition prints and calendars might also have something to do with my lack of time in the studio but, for the sake of a good yarn, I can exaggerate slightly 😉