Pigasse 2011 – 2020

They called it the Green Cathedral. For me, it was tranquility distilled.

In 2011 I learnt that the trees lining the Canal du Midi in France are ill and would be gradually be removed. I decided to create a ‘slow-doc’; a painted documentary and an hommage to one of the most peaceful places on earth.

There is new hope as in recent years new trees are being planted along the banks in many areas. Along side the hard work of the VNF, locals from Toulouse to Sête and visitors to the Canal, have given time and money to support the regeneration.

You can also help by donating here: http://www.replantonslecanaldumidi.fr/fr/soutenir-le-projet

Thank you et Merci!

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“Momento Mori” marks the last in this series of paintings of the Canal du Midi, at least for the foreseeable future.

With this composition I have come full circle, returning to the canal as it looked back in 2011/12, before the trees at Pigasse began to be felled.

Pushing towards the monumental, this canvas measures 2 meters across enveloping the viewer as they approach. 

Pigasse 2019 – Tripping The Light Fantastic