Colouring Berlin…

Tripple A printers have been producing my limited edition prints for 2 years now and the results have been fantastic. I am over the moon that they like my work too; so much so they have decorated the outside of their shop with giant posters from five of my paintings.



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A1 Posters

EN: Versions of these posters are now available here! Each poster measures 594mm x 841mm (approximately 23.4″ x 33.1″) and is printed on 180gsm paper with a matt finish. Click on the images below to purchase.

DE: Versionen dieser Poster sind jetzt hier erhältlich! Jedes Poster misst 594 mm x 841 mm und ist auf 180 g Papier mit einer matten Oberfläche gedruckt. Klicken Sie auf die Bilder, um sie zu kaufen.

FR: Des versions de ces affiches sont maintenant disponibles ici! Chaque affiche mesure 594mm x 841mm et est imprimée sur du papier 180gsm avec une finition mate. Cliquez sur les images ci-dessous pour acheter.


This poster comes from a painting made in 2015 inspired by my favourite spot on the Canal du Midi in France.


This poster is named after the little girl who came to watch me as I painted the original in 2012. “I am an artist too” she declared, and proceeded to make a lovely copy. 


It seemed a fitting title for a painting that had been commissioned by friends who like my work. This poster is a detail of the original. 


The Canal du Midi in autumn, a poster of to fill your room with abundant warm colour. 

Cooking With Gas

It was the little blue flames in this poster that inspired this title from a song made by the American National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation, made famous by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist in Product Placement (2001).

The actual location is far away from all that in the peaceful Elm Forest, Germany.

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