love affair

Buying a piece of original art is like falling in love. We see an oeuvre that catches our eye, we take a closer look and find out a little more about it. Before long we catch ourselves dreaming about when we can bring it home for the first time and which room to hang it in.

I love watching people in love; all gooey eyed and sentimental, life seems to soften around them. It’s a risky process though, do we rush in or do we savour the precious early moments?

Falling for a painting is the same, attraction balanced by caution. Desire tempered by reason as we consider parting with what can be quite a large sum of money. This cautiousness can overwhelm the tantalising prospective purchase and we remain within our comfort zone, our adventurous spirit safely reigned in and our decision justified by all kinds of ‘sensible’ reasoning.

How can I help you overcome your fears when you fall for one of my paintings? I want to facilitate the liberating moment when caution is thrown to the wind and a painting finds a good home. It is with these questions in mind that I am pleased to present my little matchmaking scheme:

NUPTIALS: Falling In Love without Breaking the Bank
(Catchy I know!!)

Here are the prenups:
• Getting to know you
When one of my paintings catches your eye, gives you the wink, makes you think… PLEASE do get in touch. I would be delighted to tell you all about it. Like a proud parent showing off the embarrassing ‘in the bath’ photos I will shamelessly divulge any information about how I made the painting, what motivated me to make it, the meaning of its name etc.

• Dating
No one starts with dinner ‘chez moi’ right?
Let’s start slowly. Walk along the beach, coffee in town, lunch…
Your first instalment payment is just 30% of the full price.

• It’s Official
Dinner… night time swimming… hiking up mountains… making a commitment and knowing it’s mutual. Ah… here come the birds and the butterflies!



Taking it slowly

4 month plan


2 month plan

Love at First Sight

 Getting to know you  Free! Free!  Free!
 First Date  First instalment: 25% First instalment: 30%  First instalment: 100%
 It’s Official  Three further payments: 25% Two monthly instalments: 40% Time to carry your new painting over the threshold!