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Browse my online exhibitions in 3D viewing rooms or use the menu to see available works in 2D.

Stroll through a growing collection of 3D exhibitions:

Editions – Enter the light flooded room where you can view all remaining limited edition fine art reproductions.

Originals – A selection of recently finished and past oil paintings.

Forest Fantasia – Coming soon…ish! In September I will publish the collection I am currently working on. 


Tell your friends and start saving…

Once you have registered, you will see a referral code, you can copy and paste this link and share it with your contacts who love art.  The link takes them to my website and if they make a purchase your account is credited.

Inspire your friends to start collecting and you will see your ‘coupons’ accumulating. Each one is worth 30€ and can be used individually or saved up, for that special something.

Thanks so much for sharing my work with people you know, it really means a lot to me!

Libby 🙂

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