I have selected my favourite paintings to create beautiful, hand signed, limited edition prints.

ONLY 20 reproductions of each painting are made.

A near perfect colour match is important to me, so to begin with the original painting is carefully lit and photographed. The image is then cropped and the colours balanced on screen. I work with a printer who uses the best quality inks and view several proofs before I give the go ahead to print.

Both photographer and printer are very patient with me!

The final image is printed onto acid-free 300gms watercolour paper. I love the soft effect that this matt paper gives; a good balance to the vibrant image.

It is quite a process to get it just right but worth it, I am sure you’ll agree!

Once the edition has been printed I individually title, number and sign each one by hand… with my favourite pencil and with love!

We are thrilled with it and it is even more beautiful than I had hoped!

Martin & Maddy – UK

I am so obsessed I am now the proud owner of 5 limited edition prints too. They are classy and beautiful and reflective of where I live but would look good anywhere.

Honor - Maison de la Roche, France

It’s been a very, very long time since we have been enjoying having all three of our Libby prints hanging on our walls. We have been absolutely thrilled and delighted every time we walk into our family room to see these beautiful prints which not only look beautiful on what was a very bare space, but which always remind us of the fabulous trip that we had with along the Canals du Midi.

Joyce and Michael - Massachusetts, USA