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Dear Berlin,
Are you bored of staring at the same four walls? Can I help you?
During these times of confinement I am offering 25% off my limited edition prints and smaller original paintings, and free delivery by bike!
I’ve only been around in Berlin for the last three years, so perhaps you don’t know me or my work? If you would like to ‘try before you buy’ I will even cycle to your home with a selection of 2-4 prints for you to consider.
People have told me that my work is uplifting or even healing, so I really hope it can help to lift up your spirits and brighten the mood. When we can’t go for a walk in the forests with our bodies, at least we still can with our eyes!
I have a limited number of framed and unframed prints available. Click on the images below to explore the collection.
While stocks last and just until 29th May, after that, you are welcome to come and fid me at the studio! 🙂
As we say in English, every cloud has a silver lining.


Monday Mitte, Prenzl’berg
Tuesday Pankow, Wedding & Gesundbrunnen
Wednesday Charlottenberg, Schöneberg & Wilmersdorf
Thursday Neukölln, K’berg & Templehof

Friedrichshain, Hohenschönhausen & Lichtenberg


When you order, I will contact you to find out which time of day suits you best, or use the button below to contact me with any questions.

My little legs won’t pedal me as far as Zehlendorf, Köpenick or Buch but perhaps we can meet halfway if you have a place you can get to safely.

Speaking of safety, I will be wearing a mask and gloves, to better protect you and I respect social distancing like a cat with 2m long whiskers!  I will wipe my card machine with disinfectant before you use it and the framed prints have a clear plastic wrap that can be removed.

Popular prints and their stories

Cooking With Gas

Some days are good days, this was one of those days, walking through the Elm forest with my new found love.

It was near the beginning of a journey that would lead me to Berlin.

Some days are good days but some days we are “Cooking With Gas”.


If you are missing escaping to southern vineyards this springtime, take a visual holiday instead.

I invite you to walk through terraced vineyards, with character-filled trees and enjoy the smell of the heather at the end of a warm summer’s day.

I represented this memory with bold colours influenced by the mediterranean sunshine.


Glorious … because we are!

(and yes, I may have had Macklemore in repeat whilst painting this one!)

It’s a very little print, but both the palette and message are powerful. 

Available Paintings

I might not be able to strap these to the back of my bike, but click here if you are interested in seeing which original oil paintings I have available.

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