Denis Leo Hegic is a man of many talents and surrounds himself with interesting people who have a passion for art.

Along with Michelle Houston, Jan Fiedler and Katia Hermann he curates Museum of Now (MON) to offer a laboratory for artistic production and an educational platform, with a focus on international contemporary art stances with special attention given to emerging artists.

He also has one of Berlin’s grooviest communication and design companies, Supermarket Lab and is currently getting his team to direct their magnificent media skills towards the very group of studios where I make my work each day.

Studios ID is based in Lichtenberg, east Berlin, in the former Operative Technical Sector (OTS) of the State Security Service. You can read more about the espionage history here. Now, artists are transforming this once highly secretive and oppressive place into a cultural centre for creative expression and communication.

Denis, inspired by a visit to our labyrinth of studios where behind each identical door lies a universe unique to each artist, has decided to spend his free time profiling this bunch of diverse artists, including me. In his work Denis makes himself invisible; the spotlight is given entirely to the artist and he makes everyone look so good!

Do check out the growing collection of interviews about the artists of Lichtenberg.

This all culminates in an art fair which will take place over two weekends in September. If you are in Berlin on 10-11-12 + 17-18-19 September 2021 then Genslerstraße 13, 13055 Lichtenberg is the place to be. Don’t miss UNBLOCK:fairartfairAFTER A YEAR OF CULTURAL DEPRIVATION, THE TIME HAS COME TO RETURN TO THE POWER OF ART!”

I wanted to write this short piece so that the credit goes where it is due, to Denis and his Supermarket Lab team.

Production: Supermarket Lab

Camera & Sound: Jan-Holger Hennies

Editing: Elizaveta Kapustina

In conversation with Denis Leo Hegic.