Go Go Gemälde

Imagine This…

You are at an exhibition, looking at some pretty cool landscape paintings. You want a bit more info about your favourite piece so you glance at the title. What’s this?! In addition to the title you see a QR code and a notice warning you that you might find yourself on a great adventure should you scan it! Curious now, you scan the code with the camera on your phone….

You now have the option to download an app revealing the secret location of all of the paintings in the exhibition. As well as little images of the paintings, you get given the coordinates of the landscapes that inspired them and directions of how to get there from the very spot you are standing on. This is fun!

The app tells you how long the journey will take you and you have the time to spare. Excited now you leave the show and hop on the nearest bus/train/tram taking you out of the city and into the woods. How wonderful to step into Nature and breathe the fresh air! You follow along on the map provided and soon reach the area in which the artist created their paintings. Your phone springs into life again and, using augmented reality, you can hold it up to see the very painting you were looking at earlier super imposed onto the landscape it was originally painted in.  Amazing!

The pro version of the app enables you to discover the landscapes that have inspired hundreds of other artists and, if you are an artist yourself, you can upload your own paintings and become part of the GoGoGemälde community.


Moving from the idea of the painting as a static object I want to explore the idea of the painting as guide into Nature.

In this project I will record the exact coordinates of the place which inspired me to make a painting. When the finished work is exhibited there will be a QR code that people can scan to find very spot themselves.

I would like to engage other contemporary artists building a community of art and nature lovers and also approach museums with regard to using this as a feature for exploring historical landscape locations.

I hope that this will inspire people to get out into nature, enjoy exploring and feel good. However… it could just work just as well in the city, there is no stopping Go Go Gemälde!