Wald (pronounced Valt) is the German word for forest and it is these German Wälder (plural; pronounced Velder) that I have been exploring since the temperature rose above freezing point in these northern climes.

One really cute thing about the German language is the ability to add the suffix ‘chen’ to just about anything. (Remember my painting Freudchen?) Officially called the diminutive, this ‘chen’ makes the thing you are describing small and cute.

So it exists, the word Wäldchen and I have one of these right next to the studio! A brave cluster of trees amid the east Berlin Hochhausen (High-rise buildings).

Watch this space for some painterly interpretations… I am getting inspired!



Baum, is the German word for tree and one recent excursion took us past both the oldest and the tallest trees in Berlin! It was a good day for a painter who loves trees.

(Berlin’s public transport company ‘BVG’ actually publishes suggested excursions on their website! We were guided to this walk full of interesting trees by the 133 Bus and the U6 underground line. http://bvg.berlin/images/content/service/berlin_erleben/Gruen_09_VonHeiligenseedurchdenForstnachTegel.pdf)