Here are some questions that I frequently get asked about the process of commissioning a painting. Please do contact me if your question is not here.

  • How much will it cost?

Ranging from roughly 900€ – 16,600€ depending on size and complexity. We can also talk early on about shipping costs and these vary depending on where you live. Click here for the 2019 price guide. 


  • Can you ship to X?

Yes! DHL ship worldwide and that is who I will use to send your painting to you. I always insure the painting in transit to be on the safe side, but so far no paintings have been lost or damaged.


  • Can I pay in instalments? / What does ‘paying in instalments’ mean?

I ask you to pay 30% of the full price of the painting (not including shipping costs) before I begin. Then once the painting is complete, you can pay the remaining 70% plus shipping. However, if you prefer to break the total sum down and pay over 3-4 months that is fine with me. I will only ship the painting to you once full payment for the painting and shipping has been made.


  • I would like this to be a surprise for someone, is that possible?

Yes! I have made paintings for people that I don’t know before and it is fun trying to sense how I can make just the right painting for them. However, it is also helpful if you can tell me the kind of painting you think they would like.


  • What do you paint with?

Oil paints on cotton canvas. They are a special kind of water mixable oil paint called Cobra. https://www.royaltalens.com/brands/cobra/


  • Does the painting have to have trees in it? / Do you only paint landscapes?

Yes… and No. But mostly yes. Talking to many people has led me to believe that often the post relaxing moments we have are out in Nature, taking a walk, getting away from it all. The trees, the structure of the fields, the water, these elements give me all I need to create a composition filled with the colours that can evoke a peaceful ambience.


  • Can I have that in my favourite colours?

Of course! If you have colour samples that you can post to me I can get a perfect match for you.


  • My favourite painting of yours is sold, can you paint it again exactly as it was?

Not exactly, but I can definitely work with the same colour palette and composition creating something similar for you.


  • How long will the painting take?

This depends on the size and complexity of the painting. Smaller paintings take around a month, the large ones three months and then I like to allow six weeks before I ship the painting to you to allow the work to become touch try. It actually takes an oil painting around six months to dry! They can be shipped flat after about one month though.


  • I need a painting asap!

You can see my available paintings here. Shipping can take unto 30 days. Normally much less within the EU but due to corona things are taking longer. 


  • Can you send me progress photos?

No! Sorry, this might sound a bit unhelpful but I am really shy and quite often a painting looks like it is going to be a disaster until the very last hours when it all comes together.


  • What happens if I don’t like the painting you make for me?

Your satisfaction with my work is really important to me. So please do say if the painting does not work for you in any way. I will endeavour to change the painting if at all possible, and it normally is! We can discuss all options until we are both happy.

For any other questions you have please do feel free to contact me.