Data Security Statement


Libby Page Paintings is a ‘one girl band’, an artist with respect for your privacy.

To provide you with a good service when you browse my website, to send you newsletters and to keep my accounts organised I use the following services. (Click to see their privacy policies).

Mailchimp – I use them to send my subscribers newsletters.

WooCommerce – They provide my online shop, product management and shipping help. They are in turn part of Automattic.

Art Galleria – They manage my inventory and invoicing.

Sorted – They manage my accounts.

If you purchase anything from my site or subscribe to my newsletter, it is likely that the information you share with me will be passed on to them.

I’m a bit archaic and, to me, phishing, tracking and even cookies are all words that belong in the forest!

Do feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like me to remove your details from my website.

All the best, Libby 🙂