Vegan Suede Cushions

What’s not to love about art you can squeeze?!

Now available in 3 different sizes. Click on the images below to purchase and for more information.

Long Format 30cm x 50cm

Four new designs designs in stock.

30cm x 50cm = ~12″ x 20″

Square Cushions 40cm x 40cm

12 different designs to choose from.

40cm x 40cm = ~16″ x 16″

Large Square 60cm x 60cm

Five designs available to pre-order.

60cm x 60cm = ~24″ x 24″

To give you a feel for how these cushions will look at home, I asked photographer Mark Aizenberg to photograph them for me.

Thanks Mark!

Thank you for nourishing my soul every day even more with these gorgeous cushions! CH.

FAQ: What on earth is vegan suede? A: Vegan Suede is the vegan alternative to the soft, premium-priced leather product. It is made from microfibre so just as gentle to the touch as real suede and better still, it is animal friendly.