Creating connections 

Based on my work over the past few years I’ve come to believe that we are all connected and that, when we care for someone, this empathy can breach physical and geographical boundaries.

Before beginning a painting for someone I tune in to how they are doing even though they might be miles away and create a painting that will be really beneficial for them.

This has always been a very secret part of my working process but I’ve recently had the courage to share this somewhat unusual working process with some of my clients.

The feedback I’ve had has been so very encouraging because people are genuinely surprised and touched.

If a painting had the potential to help you, which feeling would you ask it to create in your home? Which positive reminder would you like it to give you?

It sounds strange but my best paintings start with my eyes closed! The the first thing I do before putting paint to canvas is to turn down the noise of my thoughts tune into you, sensing how I might be able to create a painting that will help you. I then let the colours and the composition be influenced by these insights.

This process is such a delight as I focus on creating this daily encouragement for you, a simple thing of beauty, a celebration or a visual refuge for you rest your eyes and thoughts upon as a break in your busy schedule.

I am aware that the painting I make for you will become a part of your home for many years to come and so I feel honoured that you are considering this, thank you.

So here is what you can expect when you get in touch.

  • An initial free consultation where I’ll ask you to take a look through my gallery and tell me which of my existing paintings you like and why.
    • I’ll get you to think about the kind of ambience would you like the painting to have e.g., peaceful, energetic, joyful and what kind of colours do these chosen words bring to their mind?
    • We’ll talk about some practical questions such as size and colours scheme, also where you live so I can ship the work to you when it is finished.
  • Then I will put together some sketches based on what we have spoken about. I’ll email these to you within one week along with a final price and a written record of everything we have agreed.
  • Once you are happy with the sketch you can book me! I ask you to pay 30% of the final price at this point, this helps me to get the canvas, paints etc.
  • The remaining payment is not due until the painting is finished, but you can pay instalments if you prefer.
  • I then make the painting which depending on size and my schedule will take between 1-3 months.
  • When I have finished I will send you a photograph and an explanation of how I hope this painting will bring encouragement to you. Then, once you have paid the final payment, I will ship your painting to you.

I look forward to working with you to create a source of nourishment and peace in your home.


When I met Libby Page, I was truly at a low point, facing some serious challenges in my life. I was going through a tough divorce and just starting my acupuncture practice in the south of France. I was questioning everything and wondering if I could make it on my own. Some days I felt lost, facing the unknown, uncertain about everything in my life.

It was at this time that Libby began making a painting for me. She had been quietly processing all that we’d been talking about as friends and confidants, and turning it into art. When she showed it to me, I was completely shocked and overcome with gratitude. There before me was an inspiring image – a path through the trees and a brilliant light at the horizon. The painting spoke deeply into my situation and gave me hope that there was a way through.

I believe it captures so many elements of what I was feeling, the depth of our friendship, my desire for change and progress…that painting was and still is a reference for me, showing me that I am on my way, that I am walking my path, that not alone in this, and that the future is very bright, indeed.

Even now, years later- the painting that Libby created brings me back time and time again. It shows me both where I was and where I am going. It got me thinking about the power of Libby’s work and my own understanding of what it means “to heal” in my work as an acupuncturist. I wanted to express to others the power of her work as “healing through art.” Aimée Cantivany - Southern France

Acupuncture Practitioner

Everyone who comes into my house also falls in love with her (Libby’s) art and I have a queue of people already offering to buy it from me. I will never sell it. Its vibrant colours, the perspective, the depth, the passion Libby puts into it, the story behind it all create an amazing work of art. Honor - Maison de la Roche, Southern France

Great news.

The painting arrived entirely in good order and is now proudly hanging on our wall.

Absolutely fantastic and thank you so much. Paul Maynard - Auckland, New Zealand