I am currently working on new paintings for my next exhibition with Galerie Inspiré in France at the end of this year. However, please do contact me if you are interested in commissioning a painting, I will start on new commissions in November 2018.

Here are some things to think about before we talk:

  1. Which kind of painting you would like? You could choose something based on one of my existing paintings or perhaps a landscape that is close your own heart. Which are your favourite colours, composition and format? Below are a few examples of previous paintings I’ve made to inspire you, or feel free to browse the archives.
  2. Choose your size. Below is a rough guide to sizes, pricing and the time the painting would take me to make. This is an approximate guide only.
  3. 30% of the total price secures the commission or sale … and enables me to pop out and pick up the materials for your canvas!! The remainder can be paid upon completion or instalment options are available to make things easier. The painting is released to you only after all payments have been made including any shipping & handling costs.


Size – Centimetres

Size – Inches

Price – exclusive of shipping

Approximate time to paint and dry*

150cm x 200cm

59” x 79”


3 months

80cm x 200cm (deeper panoramic)

31,5” x 79”


2 months

50cm x 200cm (panoramic)

20″ x 79”


2 months

80cm x 150cm (deeper panoramic)

31.5” x 59”


2 months

80cm x 120cm

31.5” x 47”


2 months

60cm x 150cm (panoramic)

23.6” x 59”


2 months

50cm x 150cm (panoramic)

20” x 59”


2 months

80cm x 100cm

31.5” x 39.4”


7 weeks

40cm x 120cm (panoramic)

16” x 47”


7 weeks

30cm x 120cm (panoramic)

11.8” x 47”


7 weeks

30cm x 100cm (panoramic)

11.8” x 39.4”


7 weeks

50cm x 65cm

20″ x 25.5”


6 weeks

* Oil paintings actually take a minimum of six months to fully dry, but after one month they are touch dry and safe to transport flat (not rolled).

Great news.

The painting arrived entirely in good order and is now proudly hanging on our wall.

Absolutely fantastic and thank you so much.

Paul Maynard - Auckland, New Zealand

Everyone who comes into my house also falls in love with her (Libby’s) art and I have a queue of people already offering to buy it from me. I will never sell it. Its vibrant colours, the perspective, the depth, the passion Libby puts into it, the story behind it all create an amazing work of art.

Honor - Maison de la Roche, Southern France