What a feeling of joy when the moment finally comes to show a finished painting to someone who has been eagerly anticipating its completion for months.

An adventure begins with every new commission; together, the patron and I decide upon the size and colour scheme, discussing the desired ambience the work will create in the space it is made for.

Next, I make  preliminary sketches, working through a few options to make sure we are on the same page. Some people give me free reign, some people have a very specific idea in mind, both are fine by me!

Within an agreed time frame, I make the painting, building up the layers of paint with care and attention to the details and the overall impact of the piece.

Then it’s time for the big reveal, either online or, more recently, over a nice glass of fizz in the studio in Berlin, Prost! I’ve enjoyed this celebration with three happy customers so far this year, thank you!

When dry, the canvas is then carefully wrapped and shipped/delivered to the patron’s home.


My intention for every painting is to create a source of continuous positive energy,

a place of pause where you can rest your eyes and recharge your batteries.


Interested in commissioning a painting? Any questions? Feel free to contact me, no pressure at all to go ahead.


Libby’s soulful expression of nature is captured in a colourful way that pulls the beholder into whimsical landscapes of trees, emotion and feeling. I adore her work so much that I commissioned two paintings.

Stephen Elliott esq

Porta Westfalica, Germany