Available Works

If you are interested in any of the paintings please do contact me for prices and further information, where the catalogue is not available. 

I prefer to work on several paintings at a the same time, creating a coherant body of work with a theme in mind, so I also present the paintings to you here by collection.

Bäume – click to scroll though the catalogue


Bäume” is the German word for trees and you only have to remove the two little dots to get “Baume” the French word for balm.

I love this play on words because trees are so important; planting trees is the balm for our climate, walking in forests is a balm for us, body, mind and soul.

Five of the seven paintings in the new collection are still available and you can view them all below. Two have found a new home, thank you! 🙂

The new works were presented via Facebook Live and you can rewatch the recording here. You’ll see me talking about the works in English from my studio in Berlin and galerist Claude Baulèry of Vue Sur Cours, Narbonne, France, presenting the works to her French audience. *Skip the first 10 minutes, that’s just a holding page before we went live.

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Zeitraum – click to scroll though the catalogue

In the German language “Zeitraum” is translated simply as “period” or “span” or “lapse”, but it has inspired in me a much more expansive definition.

Directly translated, Zeit = Time and Raum = Room which makes… T I M E R O O M, a room for time!

“Zeitraum” got me thinking about the head-space that time spent traveling from A-B can give us. My commute from the studio in Berlin down to Azille, France for annual exhibitions entails two blissful days of driving where no other activity possible and with nothing to focus on but the road…. read more about the show concept, click here.


Due to Corona, I have not been able to complete my scheduled trip to France to collect the paintings from my latest exhibition at Galerie Inspiré in Azille.

However, galerist Angela Saunders is happy to ship them for me so if you are interested, do get in touch and we can get your painting to you.

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From earlier collections

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