A collection of talks and websites about trees to inspire you and give you hope that it is possible to save this planet.

The global, social and environmental importance of trees.

I have always loved trees. One of my favourite places to escape to as a child was an hollow old oak (I think?!) at the edge of a field behind my house. I would step inside and shimmy up the tree emerging in the lower branches and sit there with a beautiful view feeling sheltered and protected.

My work with the Canal du Midi and the trees that are being felled and replanted there reawakened my love for these beautiful creatures. Why do I call them creatures? Well, you might be surprised to learn that trees are very social:



I am inspired by this entrepreneur who is growing backyard sized forests that mimic the eco-system of a 100 year old forest in just 10 years:


There is a whole other world at the top of the tallest trees:


Send your old phones to this guy and his amazing team protecting forests from illegal loggers:


On the other side of death (!) this guy has devoted his life to cloning and replanting the lost redwoods:


We all make mistakes, this man turned his biggest failure into motivation to transform our planet for the better. His method has the potential to reduce the atmosphere’s carbon to pre-industrial revolution levels:


Of course, trees need water. This man had to take a few trees down to create a flourishing land, but you’ll see why:



And finally click here to see the top 22 benefits of trees: https://www.treepeople.org/tree-benefits from a fantastic initiative in LA.

Do please share this little collection of videos, I think it is so important to give each other hope and support these people who are making such beautiful positive changes for our planet.

Please do comment if you have any other great clips to share.