1977 Born in Bath, UK
1996 – 1999       Diploma Fine Art – Sculpture, (BA Hons)

Wimbledon School of Art, London, UK

1999 – 2000 Formation in ceramics, Farnham, UK
2006 – 2016 Lived and worked in Narbonne, France (fell in love with the Canal du Midi!)
2016 – current Lives and works in Berlin, Germany whilst continuing to exhibit in the Languedoc, France

With collectors in America, Australia and Europe Libby Page has become an ambassador for the Canal du Midi.

Following in the footsteps of the Fauve painters and contemporary artists such as Peter Doig and David Hockney, pushing at the boundaries of traditional landscape, this UK trained artist documents an historic phase of the canal’s story. Her large, bright canvases envelop the viewer in the beauty of the canal.

Despite the changing landscape as the trees are removed due to disease, Libby Page continues to make work full of hope and life.

Loss is profoundly tragic, yet mingled in with sadness there must always be space for hope” Libby Page comments on the paintings in NOUVEAUX HORIZONS. “Even as we loose these ancient trees that we love and are so accustomed to, a different horizon opens up and we gain a new perspective.

This work clearly has it’s origins in the landscape yet for Libby Page the colours hold a secret symbolism. Using the branches of the trees as hooks upon which to hang her colours, the artist expresses herself through code. Like writing with invisible ink, the meaning only becomes clear when we know how to expose it.