It was the vivid landscapes of Southern France in particular the majestic plane trees lining the Canal du Midi that drew me back to painting.

During my studies it was the teachers in drawing and sculpture that inspired me the most and I completed a BA in sculpture in London.

Life then took me down to the silvery light filled vineyards and tree lined roads where warm, strong light vibrates through everything and colours gain fullness and importance.

I would daydream how to mix that blue sky or distant purple mountains. Could I capture the warm smell of summer evenings or the russle of the breeze in the plane trees with paint?

Sunshine has a capacity of melting away our troubles and lifting our spirits so I infuse my paintings with the hope-giving light and warmth that the South has shown to me.

I am delighted when I receive feedback from clients telling me that my work has helped them through a hard time or lifts their mood each day. This is exactly why I do what I do!

Do get in touch if you are interested in seeing which paintings I have available or, to find out about commissions, click on the link below.

I look forward to meeting you,

Libby 🙂


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