As much as I adore hours alone in my studio painting and coming up with news ideas, I also have a desire to ‘give something back’.

A friend pointed out that I can actually use my work to help people. I had made a painting for her a couple of years previously and she explained just what an encouragement this piece of art had been in her life. She’d been going through a tough time, feeling like she couldn’t see the wood for the trees and the painting I made for her gave her hope that there was a way through even the darker parts of life’s forest.

She likes to call my work “Healing Paintings”, you can read more here.

This sentiment has now been echoed by countless other people who warm my heart by telling me that my work brings them joy.

It is a delight to work with someone creating a painting that encourages them on their path, or is simply a refuge to rest weary eyes upon, breathe deeply and regain a bit of energy.


Boutique / The lovely things

It’s a mission of mine to make my work available to everyone, even people who can’t afford an original painting. It is hard work sourcing items that are ethically produced and of excellent quality and this is a work in progress, but I hope you enjoy the results so far, vegan suede cushions,  limited edition prints and more. Boutique



In 2016 I moved to Berlin and I’m enjoying the galleries and endless artistic activities that this city has to offer. Berlin is surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes that have inspired a great interactive exhibition concept which I’m calling “Go Go Gemälde“.

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