A little more about me...

If you are thinking of commissioning a painting, you may well want to know a little more about the person who is going to make it for you! So, here goes...


Early years

As a child I found a refuge of expression in the drawings, sculptures and paintings that I would make, pouring my feelings into them as a celebration or as a tool to cope with life’s harder moments. In recent years this has developed into a language that I can not only use to communicate my own feelings but also to resonate with the feelings and needs of others.



Caught between loving being tucked away in my studio painting and wanting to be more involved socially, it took a friend to point out that I can actually use my paintings to help people. I was sitting on the rug in her lounge just a few meters from a painting I had made for her a couple of years previously expressing this dilemma when she explained to me just what an encouragement this piece of art had been to her. She’d been going through a tough time, feeling like she couldn’t see the wood for the trees and without telling her that I’d already been working on a painting inspired by her colours I then worked the composition of the piece to give her hope that there was a way through even the darker parts of life’s forest. Trees are my ‘thing’ after all! So thanks to my good friend you are now able to commission what she likes to call my “Healing Paintings”.

It is such a delight for me to work with someone creating a painting that will encourage them on their own path every day or simply be a refuge they can go to rest their eyes and thoughts upon as a break in their busy schedule.



Born in Bath, England, formal training took place in the sculpture department of Wimbledon School of Art, then I switched to the other side and began painting.

 You can blame it on Southern France. I moved there in 2006 and it only took a few years of absorbing that beautiful silvery light before all these crazy colours started pouring out of my fingers!

The Canal du Midi, that wends it’s way from Toulouse to Sete, has been a reoccurring theme in my work and I’ve been promoting awareness of the project to replant the trees along her banks. See ‘Project Pigasse’ in my Projects section below.


Boutique / The lovely things

I’m pleased to be gradually adding to my range of limited edition, hand-signed prints and to my collection of ‘things’; quality items made using selected selected details from my favourite paintings. You can find these in the ‘Boutique’.



In 2016 I moved to Berlin and I’m enjoying the galleries and endless artistic activities that this city has to offer. Berlin is surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes that have inspired a great interactive exhibition concept which I’m calling “Go Go Gemälde”. 

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