The following prices are a guide only based on the complexity of work that I usually make. I am not limited to these sizes as I stretch my own canvases so I can make exactly the size of canvas that you need, to the centimetre.

Technical Notes

Size – 
Size – 
Inches (approximate)
Price –
Does not include shipping
50cm x 65cm 20″ x 25.5” €900
60cm x 80cm 23.62” x 31.50” €1,300
40cm x 120cm (panoramic) 16” x 47” €1,300
80cm x 100cm 31.5” x 39.4” €2,200
60cm x 150cm (panoramic) 23.6” x 59”  €2,500
80cm x 120cm 31.5” x 47” €2,700
90cm x 120cm 35.43” x 47” €2,900
120cm x 150cm 47” x 59” €5,000
140cm x 180cm 55” x 71” €6,900
150cm x 200cm 59” x 79” €8,200
200cm x 300cm 79” x  118” €16,600

  • Technical Notes
  • The canvas I prefer to use is a 370g unprimed cotton which I stretch over 2cm x 4.5cm stretcher bars with cross braces. I then prime the canvases with two to three coats of Acrylic Gesso which is sanded between each layer to create a smooth finish.
  • Canvases over 150cm x 200cm are stretched over 2,5cm x 5cm stretcher bars with double cross braces.
  • There is also the option of 3cm x 4.5cm stretcher bars for a deeper canvas.
  • Oil paintings can take six months to fully dry, but after one month they are touch dry and safe to transport flat (not rolled).
  • Finished paintings are signed on the side of the canvas, bottom right.


FAQ: Why is fine art so expensive?
Everyone has a different answer to that question but here’s mine: Little brushes, big canvas! I work meticulously to make sure every detail of your painting is just the way I want it to be. It’s a time consuming approach but I hope you will agree, the results are worth it.