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Uplifting paintings, filled with nature’s beauty.

People tell me that the paintings I make bring them joy every day.

Hearing that is such an encouragement, it’s why I do it!

When I make a painting for you I am aware that it will become a part of your life for many years to come, so I …

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Bäume (German lesson #4 and a little French lesson too)

Bäume (German lesson #4 and a little French lesson too)

"BÄUME" This is the German word for trees and you only have to remove the two little dots to get "Baume" the French word for balm. I love this play on words because trees are so important; planting trees is the balm for our climate, walking in forests is a balm for...

Z e i t r a u m  –  t i m e r o o m

Z e i t r a u m – t i m e r o o m

There is a word in German which is quite thought provoking when heard through my english ears: “Zeitraum” Zeit = Time Raum = Room So that makes ….. T I M E R O O M….. a room, for time! “Zeitraum” is translated simply as “period” or “span” or “lapse”, but it has...

German Lesson #3 “Zeitraum”

German Lesson #3 “Zeitraum”

I have discovered my new favourite German word "Zeitraum" Zeit = Time Raum = Room TIMEROOM..... T I M E R O O M..... a room, for time! Room for time. Well, that is becoming my interpretation of the word anyway. The fun of not being very good at German yet is that I...