Libby Page

Libby Page’s work pushes landscape painting beyond simply what is seen; she captures felt experience and provokes us to look afresh.

About Libby

My current focus is to explore the idea of wellness through painting in two different ways.

Firstly, colour has an effect on our thoughts and emotions. I’m exploring this in my work using different colours to evoke feelings of high energy or tranquility, of danger or peace.

A walk in Nature does wonders for our well being and this restorative quality that  is the second element I incorporate into my paintings. By evoking memories of beautiful places I hope to lift the spirits of the viewer, and encourage people out into the landscape themselves.

Available Paintings


A winding path led down into a mysterious wood by a tiny little village near Bagni di Lucca in Tuscany.

The yellow brick road is entirely my own invention; I wanted to convey that sense of courage that comes from setting out on an adventure into the unknown, whatever it may bring.

Little Growing Baby Trees

There’s hope!

Nothing can quite describe the loss of the 44,000 plane trees that are being felled all along the banks of the Canal du Midi, but there is a glimmer of hope as new trees, of different varieties are planted.

Here we see little poplar trees starting what will hopefully be a long and happy life near Roubia, Southern France.

Oil on canvas, 54cm x 73cm


Silver and Gold Leaf with glazes of umber and blue evoke the age old story of Eden.

Oil on canvas, this work was built up in many layers.

This piece measures 150cm x 50cm

Je Te Protege

It was an impulse, a spontaneous action moments before locking the door and leaving for London to hear the news. I turned, picked up the brush and surrounded each tree with a protective pink blanket.

Oil on canvas, 80cm x 60cm

Popular Libby Page Goodies

Using details from my favourite paintings I have created carefully selected products and a range of  hand signed limited edition prints. My emphasis is on quality and I take time to ensure each item is made ethically using suppliers in Europe and the UK. 

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Commission your own painting

People keep telling me that the paintings I make for people bring them joy every day, it is so encouraging!

I have created a package to make commissioning a painting as simple as possible.

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Latest News

Fashion show in Paris!

Fashion show in Paris!

The reputable Estheme Cashmere invited me to visit them at the "Who's Next" fashion salon in Paris earlier this year to show me my paintings printed onto luxurious merino...

Taking the pressure OFF

Taking the pressure OFF

**Show Cancellation** Do you ever change your mind? A complete 180° swivel of opinion? This has just happened to me about one small detail of my working practice; motivation. Some folks freeze up under the pressure of a deadline but I fall into the other camp. I need...

Pigasse 2011 – 2018

Pigasse 2011 – 2018

Project Update It is May 2018 and I've been back to Pigasse to record the next in the series for this documentary. Still no new trees in that specific spot, although they are springing up in many other places along the Canal du Midi. The next painting will...