Libby Page’s work pushes landscape painting beyond simply what is seen, capturing felt experience and provoking us to look afresh.


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They call it the Green Cathedral, tranquility distilled…

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Fashion show in Paris!

The reputable Estheme Cashmere invited me to visit them at the "Who's Next" fashion salon in Paris earlier this year to show me my paintings printed onto luxurious merino woolens. For a sneak preview of clothes that will be available in French boutiques for the Winter...

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Delighted 🙂 Best Ever Prints!

Today I am launching seven new limited edition prints. These reproductions represent the five paintings that I exhibited during the luxurious evening at Chateau Sériège back in February...            In addition to these I have chosen to create two prints to be sold...

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German lesson #1 Wald und Baum

Wald (pronounced Valt) is the German word for forest and it is these German Wälder (plural; pronounced Velder) that I have been exploring since the temperature rose above freezing point in these northern climes. One really cute thing about the German language is the...

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Berlin is one of the leafiest capital cities in the world and these trees take some tending. I stopped in my tracks on the way in to work the other morning as one of the trees along the side of the road had been felled. It had reached a ripe old age by the looks of...

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My Berlin Palette

I must admit, it was quite a shock to the system moving from sun drenched Southern France to central Berlin, in November. I had mentally prepared myself for the change in light but had overlooked what effect that would have on the colours. The journey to Berlin had...

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