Uplifting paintings filled with nature's beauty

Fill your home with warmth and light

"I put my heart into every detail."

Journey into the landscape

Brighten up your four walls....

Creating Memories

It's all about the trees...

... and the light!

Libby Page...

“…captures the felt experience of being in nature.”

People tell me that the paintings I make bring them joy every day.

Hearing that is such an encouragement, it’s why I do it!

When I make a painting for you I am aware that it will become a part of your life for many years to come, so I …


Sylvan Cathedrals

My arboreal love affair began over a decade ago in France where I was enthralled and comforted by the architectural majesty of the plane trees vaulting over the Canal du Midi. This waterway reminds me of the cathedrals that I loved as a... READ MORE

Kunst & Kochen = Art & Cooking, yum yum!

Kunst & Kochen = Art & Cooking, yum yum!

Along with Sculptor Carmen Varese I am exhibiting five new paintings created exclusively for Kunst & Kochen, a fine dining concept where small groups can enjoy dinner surrounded by art. Two large oil paintings from a previous series and a selection of limited...

Embracing the Digital

Embracing the Digital

It is said "necessity is the mother of invention" and it's been impressive to see businesses such as restaurants and bars diversifying to create outdoor, socially distanced versions of their services to keep going during these hard times. Galleries have also been...

In conversation with Denis Leo Hegic

In conversation with Denis Leo Hegic

Denis Leo Hegic is a man of many talents and surrounds himself with interesting people who have a passion for art. Along with Michelle Houston, Jan Fiedler and Katia Hermann he curates Museum of Now (MON) to offer a laboratory for artistic production and an...