Libby Page’s work pushes landscape painting beyond simply what is seen, capturing felt experience and provoking us to look afresh.


Following in the footsteps of … contemporary artists such as Peter Doig and David Hockney … read more


It has never been easier to commission your very own bespoke painting. Find out how…


They call it the Green Cathedral, tranquility distilled…

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Bien Vue…

The phone rang… Hello? After 10 years in France I still answer the phone in my best English accent to avoid being sold frozen vegetable and the like. Errr, Bonjour? Libby Page? Ah, oui! C’est moi. I reply. It is every artist’s dream to be called up by a gallery, told... read more

Free Shipping for January ’16!!

 WOOHOOO!! FREE SHIPPING!! As a thank you for all of your support this year I am offering free shipping until the end of January 2016. I still have a few remaining 2016 calendars and most of my limited edition prints, happy shopping!... read more

Taking the pressure OFF

**Show Cancellation** Do you ever change your mind? A complete 180° swivel of opinion? This has just happened to me about one small detail of my working practice; motivation. Some folks freeze up under the pressure of a deadline but I fall into the other camp. I need... read more

Some words from others that have, over the years…

...inspired me to hope, encouraged me to continue or have simply made me laugh. “With the arrogance of youth, I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. If I have succeeded in some small way, if only in one small corner of the world, amongst... read more

Putting The Pressure ON

Apparently there's nothing like a deadline to get you motivated... Here are three that I'll be keeping an eye on in 2016.   PANORAMA Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) 20 May - *CANCELLED* This show has been cancelled Due to change of ownership at Domain St... read more